YOUR CST Session

deeply relax & restore your central nervous system. holistic. gentle.

CST is a subtle, yet profound hand-on healing approach to address a wide variety of traumas and dysfunctions of the brain, cranium and central nervous system. As light relaxing touch and holds induce still points to your cranial sacral pulse, you may feel profound relaxation of your body and expansion of your mind.

Your CST Session:

Your 60 or 90-minute, fully clothed session will include precise and specific holds of the bones in your face, head, sacrum and ankles, as well as soothing touch to your shoulders, chest, hips, legs and feet. This treatment is designed to calm your central nervous system, relax mental and emotional tensions, ease minor body aches and pains, and reboot your body’s underlying intelligent energy that organizes, ignites and maintains the unique, dynamic, living system that you are.

This session is performed with you lying down on your back on a massage table, or on a pad on the floor or ground (lie on side if you are pregnant). Rebecca Yogarina Heartfly is also a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and so Theta Healing is always naturally incorporated into the Cranial Sacral Therapy work as well.

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