ThetaHealing® Testimonials

“Omgoodness love…honestly i have never had anyone do this but i am soooo a believer now…the pain has subsided. It was weird…i felt a warm feeling throughout my body & a sense of relief… I am speechless. I am beyond thankful. ty so much..its amazing…I called my mom to share this with her…& I became emotional. A day that I thought I would spend in bed…I ended up spending it out n about being productive.”
~Julie Porras, childhood friend who had a migraine headache & I did a 1-hr remote session on her & then emailed her to say I was done. Her reply above.

“I have bounced back repeatedly to the great energy you shared with us this morning. It’s interesting to feel a channel of clarity from a touch and a sense of heaviness lift during your class. These senses/feelings continued throughout the week. I do have an awareness, but don’t fully understand the flow of energy. Regardless, I’m enjoying the experience.”
~Don McClain

“Theta….I’ve stopped, visited where the light is bright, possible and welcoming. Let’s schedule more.”
~Julia Beal

“Inspired and transformed after yoga/Theta circle in the company of beautiful women. Thank you, Rebecca Heartfly, for bringing us together. — feeling alive.”
~Jenny Tan

“Getting ready to launch Cafe Science next week! It couldn’t have happened without your encouragement, visualization guidance, and our last little session. Can’t thank you enough! — feeling excited.”
~David Fenigstein

“Thank you Rebecca Heartfly! You are an amazing healer and what you did for me this morning was amazing! I’m still in a bliss! Love you so much beautiful!”
~Mariela Medina

“Thanks mama… I feel better. That was so lovely and nurturing. So blessed.”
~Sarah Akeylah

“Thank you Rebecca Heartfly, for starting my day off with some energy clearing & Theta healing! It was a profound & magical experience, & I am blessed to know this Earth Angel! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you my soul sister!!”
~Carlie High

“Got to laugh with the amazing Rebecca Heartfly about trying to ‘figure out’ everything in the universe. How silly :-).”
~Bernadette Brighton

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