What is the Cranial-Sacral Pulse?

The Cranial-Sacral Pulse is the 3rd dynamic and important pulse in our body that many people don’t even realize we have. The first, most well-known, cardiovascular pulse, typically beats 72 times per minute. The second, also familiar, respiratory pulse, averages 16-18 breaths per minute. The third, cranial-sacral pulse, cycles around 8-12 times per minute. It is believed to be the first expression of life in the central core of our body on a cellular level, also referred to as “The Breath of Life.” This pulse can be felt in all of the bones in the cranium, face, sacrum and ankles as they are constantly moving, “pulsing.” The Cranial-Sacral Pulse conveys a wealth of information about the brain and spinal cord, its surrounding membranes and tissues, the cerebral spinal fluid, energetic patterns of stored trauma and overall physical and emotional conditions. Full and balanced rhythms to this pulse can support optimum health and expression of life force in your body & mind.

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