“I’m sending this in support of your “bars” session work as it has been the most kick ass holistic mind medicine up there with karma surrendering and finding your dharma. Thank you greatly. It was such a beautiful healing due to its integrity.”
~Angela White, Owner/Creater/Founder of Rawkit Fuel

“Many thanks again for your wonderful healing session last week. Your timing was impeccable. I like the idea of having you do something with our staff. It is percolating. Meanwhile, I am totally on board with more joy and ease. Thanks again.”
~Michael Stusser, Owner of Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

“Getting ready to launch Cafe Science next week! It couldn’t have happened without your encouragement, visualization guidance, and our last little session. Can’t thank you enough! — feeling excited.”
~David Fenigstein, Founder of Cafe Science & UX Engineer at iDirect

“I must say, Rebecca’s hands are some of the most healing hands I’ve ever felt. Better than drugs. Super high medicine.”
~Elizabeth Jean Gunn, Access BARS Practitioner, Raw Food Chef & Sound Therapist

“Thank you, again, for the loving gift of energy work. The work you do is vey powerful and healing and I feel very blessed to have received it.”
~Stacey Leigh Mohr, Publisher of ‘The Wave Holistic Journal’

“Wow this has helped a lot! I had a foot injury and experienced pain from it for 7 yrs, and after our session, the pain is gone.”
~Rocker-T, Musician

“My neck and spine feel so much more aligned! Thank you, the neck pain is seeping away. Definitely 80% better today and I can feel it shifting still. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”
~Alli Koski, Yoga Instructor & Founder of ‘Bliss Entourage’

“Wow. Powerful Relaxing. Refreshing. Clearing. Renewing. Thanks for identifying some things that need to have clearer boundaries for myself. I referred you to another client who may see you for your healing therapy.  Thank you for giving such powerful work to all those who are in need. I am grateful!”
~Stacey Krajewski, Owner & Massage Therapist, Pacifica Massage & Wellness

“I felt like I had more energy and like I looked younger!”
~Robyn Jean, Healing Henna Artist

“You are wonderful and an amazing healing. Very gifted! I want more work from you when it aligns.”
~Jared May, Los Angeles-based Bassist for Tina Malia, Zahira & more

“At one point I felt a second set of hands on me.”
~April Dill, Independent Consultant & Entrepreneur

“Felt great! You really moved something. I feel great energy within! You got a magic touch. Thanks. When you said I would be in your prayers that night & it would integrate throughout my sleep cycle, I know I sent a funny reply, but I could NOT believe how well I slept. It was awesome!”
~Heinz Orsatti, Cyclist

“This hands-on cranial energy experience was good, and relaxing! There are many purposes for these sessions, but today it was about relieving tension. Thanks Rebecca!”
~Gina Marr-Hiemstra, Vice President of the Marin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

“Thank you Rebecca Heartfly! You are an amazing healer and what you did for me this morning was amazing! I’m still in a bliss! Love you so much beautiful!”
~Mariela Medina, Theta Healer & Mother

“All manifested! Whoopie. <inserted photo of her hand written list with 3 significant experiences she would like to manifest/transform>. From your healing circle.”
~Shea Sparkman, 15-yr old Access BARS & Reiki Practitioner

“Thank you! I am still emanating waves of peace & harmony everywhere I go!”
~Jane M, Massage Therapist

“I really enjoyed our session together. Your touch is caring, kind and soothing. I felt a lot of unwinding in my neck, shoulders and head. Thank you Rebecca. I would like another session with you.”
~Jenny Pao, Quantum Energetics Healer & Owner/Founder of Nectar Essences

“Thank you for starting my day off with some energy clearing & healing! It was a profound & magical experience.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
~Carlie High, Owner/Stylist of Lost Salon

“Thank you again for the healing touch. I appreciate any help and energy anyone is willing to offer me, but you definitely have some magic hands!”
~Rameen N

“Yea I still remember that Reiki while looking up into the trees.” (Note: This was at an 8-hour event in the Santa Cruz redwoods called ‘Flow At Work,’ where I was on staff for ‘Ministry of Flow’ who took executives there to walk on coals, break boards with our hands & arrows with our throats. It was fun to learn Hans remembers his Reiki session!
~Hans Tanner, Creative & Producer/Engineer at The Lennon Bus

“When Rebecca was tapping my cheeks during the Cranial Sacral Therapy session, I had the sensation of pure happiness and it felt like singing on high.” 
~Luann Chou, Life Coach at Healing Waves

“I am feeling good. I can definitely notice a difference from our session. I feel like it stirred up a lot of things I needed to confront instead of try to run from or bury. I definitely feel like I have a clearer head in many aspects, too. I would definitely like to do another session sometime soon.”
~KG, SF Yoga Instructor

“Theta….I’ve stopped, visited where the light is bright, possible and welcoming. Let’s schedule more.”
~Julia Beal

“Thanks mama… I feel better. That was so lovely and nurturing. So blessed.”
~Sarah Akeylah

“Got to laugh with the amazing Rebecca Heartfly about trying to ‘figure out’ everything in the universe. How silly :-).”
~Bernadette Brighton

“Omgoodness love…honestly i have never had anyone do this but i am soooo a believer now…the pain has subsided. It was weird…i felt a warm feeling throughout my body & a sense of relief… I am speechless. I am beyond thankful. ty so much..its amazing…I called my mom to share this with her…& I became emotional. A day that I thought I would spend in bed…I ended up spending it out n about being productive.”
~Julie Porras, childhood friend who had a migraine headache & I did a 1-hr remote session on her & then emailed her to say I was done. Her reply above.


“Inspired and transformed after yoga & healing. Thank you, Rebecca Heartfly  — feeling alive.”
~Jenny Tan, Gilead Sciences

“I have bounced back repeatedly to the great energy you shared with us this morning. It’s interesting to feel a channel of clarity from a touch and a sense of heaviness lift during your class. These senses/feelings continued throughout the week. I do have an awareness, but don’t fully understand the flow of energy. Regardless, I’m enjoying the experience.”
~Don McClain, Business and Technology Consultant at Learn Capital

“I’m definitely feeling more centered. I credit Rebecca’s yoga class with fixing a lower back pain I started getting when I stopped regular exercise. I’ve taken yoga from a number of instructors over the past 25 years, and Rebecca is certainly in the top tier – we’re lucky to have her teaching here!”
~Chuck Sholtz, Amgen Inc., Law“

“What a nice escape from work! I feel taller, and like I did something really nice for myself. I was feeling sluggish and tired before the class, but now I feel refreshed and happier.”
~Loni Cummings, Amgen Inc.

“Rebecca filled the room with a positive energy and paid individual attention to every student.”
~Melanie Ventura, Adult Vinyasa Student

“I have to say that Rebecca is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot!)”
~Sara Wan, yoga student

“Rebecca is a really awesome yoga instructor. She has such a great energy about her. She is like sunshine.”
~Kami Sturdivant, outdoor yoga in the park participant & childhood friend

“An absolutely wonderfully caring experience of being guided through the postures.”
~Toni A. Farila, Adult Vinyasa Student

“I love Rebecca’s smile and giggle. Any sounds of her happiness is just yoga.”
~Sunghee Gallo, Lucasfilm

“You’re such a wonderful person and blessing to my heart, Rebecca! You always put a smile on my face… Zuri and I look forward to seeing you weekly! I am so looking forward to YOGA! I enjoy our class so much – I think I look forward to it just as much as Zuri does! Thanks for reminding me to breathe. Sometimes we run around so much, we forget ? ”
~Dorothy Jones-Davis, mother of 12-month old Zuri from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“You’re so sweet! Thank you for a wonderful summer and for teaching both Amelia and I with joy, patience, and grace. We’ll miss you, however we will always remember you with fondness as our first Mommy-Baby class .”
~Liza Silverio Victa, mother of 11-month old Amelia from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“Your class is wonderful! So great for both of us!”
~Amy Lauren Jacobson Chung, mother of 9-month old Stella from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

Upon being asked if I could come one-hour later for yoga based on a company-wide meeting, and my suggestion to offer two classes since contractors come at the original time of class:
“I sure like the way she thinks! It’s a definite yes! Please let her know how much we appreciate her attitude and flexibility.”
~Cathy Frazier, Health Fitness Corporation at Letterman Digital Arts Center

“How do I explain Cranial Sacral Therapy in a word? Bliss.

It’s like the brief moment at the end of a yoga class when you’re laying in Savasana and the instructor lightly places his/her hands on your shoulders, feet or head. The simple touch feels so amazing and you don’t want it to end. However, in CST it’s an entire session of that feeling and leaves you completely rel…axed and floating through the rest of your day.

How do I explain Rebecca Heartfly in a word? Healer.

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Yosemite with this amazing woman for a yoga retreat. She was one of the most experienced yoga instructors I’ve ever learned from, but it wasn’t just her teaching skills that sets her apart from the rest. She has truly found her passion in what she does and projects so much positivity and encouragement through to her students. She is able to see the good in everything and it shines through in her teachings and healings.

The brief session of CST I had with her was one of the most relaxing half hours of my life. Initially I was skeptical because it appears to be such a simple practice. I’m a difficult person to completely relax and I wondered if this would have an affect on me. Rebecca makes her students feel so comfortable and her ability to open people up to new experiences is a true gift. Almost immediately upon starting the session, I had that blissful Savasana feeling and my entire body relaxed. Even being outdoors and surrounded by numerous distractions, I was able to find a completely meditative state. If a brief session can have that much impact on a person, I have no doubt that regular CST sessions with Rebecca hold real healing powers for anyone.”
~Jessica Franks, participant on the Yosemite Backcountry Yoga Retreat

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