Your Reiki Session

Your Reiki Session:
You are encouraged to drink plenty of water prior to and after your treatment. Your fully clothed session on a massage table, or if preferred, the ground with padding, will include hands-on touch to various parts of the body ranging from head to toe. Rebecca Heartfly will follow the flow of the energy so there is no set pattern for your session. She is generating and extraordinary amount of chi, life force energy, through her hands, so you will feel as if there is a heating pad being placed on over your body which is extremely comforting, nurturing and relaxing. If you are uncomfortable with hands-on touch, good news for you! You may still receive a successful Reiki session yielding multiple benefits because this work can be done with hands just above the body without touching and is equally effective. Many people prefer the touch, so this is why most often Rebecca will have hands on the body, but there are times she’ll be doing work above the body, even with her clients who are comfortable with touch. You will still receive an equally beneficial session without any touch whatsoever. This treatment is designed to calm your central nervous system, relax mental and emotional tensions, ease minor body aches and pains, create healthier sleep patterns and reboot your body’s underlying intelligent energy that organizes, ignites and maintains the unique, dynamic, living system that you are.

This session is performed with you lying down on your back on a massage table, or on a pad on the floor or ground (lie on side body if you are pregnant). At some point, you will be asked to turn to your belly, face down, but if you don’t want to turn over when invited or you do and find you are uncomfortable, you are encouraged to let her know that you prefer to stay or return to your back and you will continue to receive equal quality healing for the remainder of your session. Again, most people prefer the touch contact on the back side of their body as well, but this is your session, and every single session is unique and following the energy for your greatest and highest healing. Rebecca Heartfly is also a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and so Theta Healing is always naturally incorporated into the Cranial Sacral Therapy work as well.


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