I specialize in Pilates workouts that focus on igniting core strength and firing up our Kundalini energy. There is also focus on back, thighs, hips & arms, with concentration on flexibility, coordination and breathwork.

Pilates elongates and tones muscles, while aiding in healthy balancing of body and mind. It is a wonderful compliment to yoga, and visa versa.

Pilates fundamentals are blended into Rebecca Heartfly’s yoga classes, but she is also available to teach Pilates Mat & Pilates Core. She has taught bonus Pilates classes for You Tube and other Pilates classes for Powerhouse Gym, World Gym, and other private groups. Please call or email to set up a private or group Pilates session.

Profound & transformational hands-on healing, verbal processing in-person or remote sessions, trainings, workshops & retreats.