CST Testimonials

“I really enjoyed our session together. Your touch is caring, kind and soothing. I felt a lot of unwinding in my neck, shoulders and head. Thank you Rebecca. I would like another session with you.”
~Jenny Pao, healer & founder, www.nectaressences.com

“When Rebecca was tapping my cheeks during the Cranial Sacral Therapy session, I had the sensation of pure happiness and it felt like singing on high.”
~Luann Chou, Life Coach at Healing Waves

“Thank you, Rebecca 🙂 I am still emanating waves of peace & harmony everywhere I go!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥”
~Jane M, Massage Therapist

“I just wanted to thank you again for the healing touch. I appreciate any help and energy anyone is willing to offer me, but you definitely have some magic hands!”
~Rameen N

 “I felt like I had more energy and like I looked younger!”
~Robyn Jean, Healing Henna Artist

“I am feeling good. I can definitely notice a difference from our session. I feel like it stirred up a lot of things I needed to confront instead of try to run from or bury. I definitely feel like I have a clearer head in many aspects, too. I would definitely like to do another session sometime soon.”
~KG, SF Yoga Instructor

“How do I explain CST in a word? Bliss.

It’s like the brief moment at the end of a yoga class when you’re laying in Savasana and the instructor lightly places his/her hands on your shoulders, feet or head. The simple touch feels so amazing and you don’t want it to end. However, in CST it’s an entire session of that feeling and leaves you completely rel…axed and floating through the rest of your day.

How do I explain Rebecca Heartfly in a word? Healer.

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Yosemite with this amazing woman for a yoga retreat. She was one of the most experienced yoga instructors I’ve ever learned from, but it wasn’t just her teaching skills that sets her apart from the rest. She has truly found her passion in what she does and projects so much positivity and encouragement through to her students. She is able to see the good in everything and it shines through in her teachings and healings.

The brief session of CST I had with her was one of the most relaxing half hours of my life. Initially I was skeptical because it appears to be such a simple practice. I’m a difficult person to completely relax and I wondered if this would have an affect on me. Rebecca makes her students feel so comfortable and her ability to open people up to new experiences is a true gift. Almost immediately upon starting the session, I had that blissful Savasana feeling and my entire body relaxed. Even being outdoors and surrounded by numerous distractions, I was able to find a completely meditative state. If a brief session can have that much impact on a person, I have no doubt that regular CST sessions with Rebecca hold real healing powers for anyone.”
~Jessica Franks, yoga student 

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