Corporate Yoga/Pilates Rates

Corporate Wellness is the best investment your company can make!
Stretching provides the body with more energy. Breathing calms the mind.
Both combined result in clear communications and decision-making, resulting
with a happy, healthy & cohesive team! WELLNESS = PRODUCTIVITY!

1-Hour Corporate Yoga/Pilates Class in a San Francisco Area-based business*

Add a 1/2-Hour Stretch Break to any Meeting within a SF Area-based business*

*Please add $20 travel fee for classes on the peninsula. Travel fees to all other locations are also negotiable. Please let me know if these rates are not within your company’s budget but you would like to bring wellness to your staff. I enjoy volunteering, reducing rates, and working on trade when appropriate and possible in the best effort to make wellness available to everyone who is seeking it.

Profound & transformational hands-on healing, verbal processing in-person or remote sessions, trainings, workshops & retreats.