Corporate Yoga & Wellness Coaching

Add a 15-min Stretch Break to your Board Meeting, a 1-hr weekly Yoga/Pilates Class at your office, a Meditation Session during your Manager’s Meeting, or a variety of other group wellness activities to your next Planning Retreat!

Book an Access Consciousness BARS presentation or hands-on therapy at your business.

Rebecca Heartfly specializes in varying styles of yoga & movement therapy, cranial sacral therapy & reiki, and psychoneurology therapies, and also has a 15-year business background, which makes her an ideal wellness consultant for any business or corporation. As an Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator, she can present concepts to expand our enjoyment & productivity at work more than we could have ever imagined!

Corporate Wellness is the best investment your company can choose!
Stretching provides the body with more energy. Breathing calms the mind.
Both combined result in clear communications and decision-making, resulting
with a happy, healthy & cohesive team! WELLNESS = PRODUCTIVITY!

Corporate Yoga & Wellness Coaching Rates
1-Hour Corporate Yoga/Pilates or Meditation Class in your business or offices*

Add a 1/2-Hour Stretch Break, Meditation or Yoga to any Meeting or Event*

1-Hour Access Consciousness BARS presentation to your staff*

30-minute Access Consciousness BARS presentation to your staff*

1-Hour Access Consciousness BARS therapy session in office*

1-Hour Wellness Coaching in your office*

1-Hour Wellness Coaching on phone or Skype

*Travel fees apply when Rebecca is coming to an area that she doesn’t live in or is not already teaching or consulting in.

Current & Past Corporate Client & Associate List:
You Tube
ABX Engineering
Hotel Vitale (JDV Hotels)
Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Neustar Inc. / Quova
Adobe Acrobat
Palantir Technologies
Loan Negotiators Group
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Presidio Landmark
Stage Hands
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe
Cinch PR
Plus One
Health Fitness Corporation
Art of Community Conference
Back to Earth Retreats

Add Corporate Wellness to your Manager’s Retreat or Special Event:
Pricing and scheduling for this customized service varies depending on the time frame & needs of each client. Please contact Rebecca for scheduling, customized programs and pricing.

Booking One Therapist / Instructor / Wellness Activity Facilitator 
Rebecca Heartfly is available for leading classes, workshops, group activities, meditation sessions, one-on-one healing sessions. 707.239.8891 or

Booking a Team of Therapists / Instructors / Wellness Activity Facilitators
If you are interested in bringing multiple yoga classes or several hands-on energy specialists to a large event or conference, I am pleased to arrange for more of my colleagues to come.

Consider doing yoga outdoors! Getting fresh air in the middle of your workday is great! I even encouraged Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray, to practice yoga outdoors for his first time prior to his concert in the Bay Area & he loved it so much he talked about his 1st outdoor yoga experience on stage that night.

Please pamper your working mamas & mamas-to-be! I’ve enjoyed leading pre/postnatal workshops at Google & You Tube campus’ and hope other corporations will consider this benefit for the working, nurturing, multi-tasking, all around amazing women who are pregnant or mothering new babies.

Family Yoga during Bring Your Child to Work Day has been a hit at the You Tube offices the past couple of years. Please consider this great kids alternative for company picnics or other family day events.

“The greatest wealth is health.”  ~Virgil

“I’m definitely feeling more centered. I credit Rebecca’s yoga class with fixing a lower back pain I started getting when I stopped regular exercise. I’ve taken yoga from a number of instructors over the past 25 years, and Rebecca is certainly in the top tier – we’re lucky to have her teaching here!”
~Chuck Sholtz, Amgen Inc., Law“

“What a nice escape from work! I feel taller, and like I did something really nice for myself. I was feeling sluggish and tired before the class, but now I feel refreshed and happier.”
~Loni Cummings, Amgen Inc.

Upon being asked if I could come one-hour later for yoga based on a company-wide meeting, and my suggestion to offer two classes since contractors come at the original time of class:
“I sure like the way she thinks! It’s a definite yes! Please let her know how much we appreciate her attitude and flexibility.”
~Cathy Frazier, Health Fitness Corporation at Letterman Digital Arts Center


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