Corporate Testimonials

“I’m definitely feeling more centered. I credit Rebecca’s yoga class with fixing a lower back pain I started getting when I stopped regular exercise. I’ve taken yoga from a number of instructors over the past 25 years, and Rebecca is certainly in the top tier – we’re lucky to have her teaching here!”
~Chuck Sholtz, Amgen Inc., Law“

“What a nice escape from work! I feel taller, and like I did something really nice for myself. I was feeling sluggish and tired before the class, but now I feel refreshed and happier.”
~Loni Cummings, Amgen Inc.

Upon being asked if I could come one-hour later for yoga based on a company-wide meeting, and my suggestion to offer two classes since contractors come at the original time of class:
“I sure like the way she thinks! It’s a definite yes! Please let her know how much we appreciate her attitude and flexibility.”
~Cathy Frazier, Health Fitness Corporation at Letterman Digital Arts Center

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