Baby Yoga


PostNatal Yoga With Your Baby – Dads welcome too! (Newborn to Pre-crawling)
Enjoy getting back into your yoga practice with your little one by your side (4-wks after vaginal & 6-wks after cesarean births). It will feel great to get out of the house to connect with women who also recently gave birth. Safely regain muscle-tone, strength and flexibility. Your baby will also benefit from being exposed to this pattern of dedication to exercise, relaxation, love and happiness. During class, you are invited to tend to your baby at any time. When appropriate, you’ll learn a little bit of baby yoga and infant massage too!

Yoga with Your Baby – Dads welcome too! (Crawlers to Early Walkers)
Perhaps you have a long-standing yoga practice and are a new parent, or you practiced Prenatal Yoga and would like to continue practicing yoga with your new baby, or you have never tried yoga at all, but would like to connect more consciously with your baby. Yoga with Your Baby enhances the parent/child bonding process & promotes healthy family lifestyles in a compassionate & supportive atmosphere.

Create a pattern of dedicating time for exercise, relaxation and being completely present with your child right from the start! Baby yoga postures and developmental movement offer a multitude of benefits, including: better sleep, improved digestion, healthy brain development, stronger bones & muscles, increased immunity, reduced anxiety & stress, enhanced body awareness & self-esteem, enhanced communication and bonding. Plus, it’s fun!

(1 baby with 1-2 caregivers.)
The class is appropriate for 1 baby with 1-2 caregivers. If you have twins, two caregivers are encouraged but not mandatory. Bring a blanket and whatever you and your baby require to have on-hand for one hour.

“You’re such a wonderful person and blessing to my heart, Rebecca! You always put a smile on my face… Zuri and I look forward to seeing you weekly! I am so looking forward to YOGA! I enjoy our class so much – I think I look forward to it just as much as Zuri does! Thanks for reminding me to breathe. Sometimes we run around so much, we forget ;-)
~Dorothy Jones-Davis, mother of 12-month old Zuri from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“You’re so sweet! Thank you for a wonderful summer and for teaching both Amelia and I with joy, patience, and grace. We’ll miss you, however we will always remember you with fondness as our first Mommy-Baby class :-)
~Liza Silverio Victa, mother of 11-month old Amelia from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“Your class is wonderful! So great for both of us!”
~Amy Lauren Jacobson Chung, mother of 9-month old Stella from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

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