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“I’m definitely feeling more centered. I credit Rebecca’s yoga class with fixing a lower back pain I started getting when I stopped regular exercise. I’ve taken yoga from a number of instructors over the past 25 years, and Rebecca is certainly in the top tier – we’re lucky to have her teaching here!”
~Chuck Sholtz, Amgen Inc., Law“

“Rebecca filled the room with a positive energy and paid individual attention to every student.”
~Melanie Ventura, Adult Vinyasa Student

“I have to say that Rebecca is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot!)”
~Sara Wan, yoga student

“What a nice escape from work! I feel taller, and like I did something really nice for myself. I was feeling sluggish and tired before the class, but now I feel refreshed and happier.”
~Loni Cummings, Amgen Inc.

“Rebecca is a really awesome yoga instructor. She has such a great energy about her. She is like sunshine.”
~Kami Sturdivant, outdoor yoga in the park participant & childhood friend

“An absolutely wonderfully caring experience of being guided through the postures.”
~Toni A. Farila, Adult Vinyasa Student

“I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Yosemite with this amazing woman for a yoga retreat. She was one of the most experienced yoga instructors I’ve ever learned from, but it wasn’t just her teaching skills that sets her apart from the rest. She has truly found her passion in what she does and projects so much positivity and encouragement through to her students. She is able to see the good in everything and it shines through in her teachings and healings.”
~Jessica Franks, yoga student 

“I love Rebecca’s smile and giggle. Any sounds of her happiness is just yoga.”
~Sunghee Gallo, Lucasfilm

“You’re such a wonderful person and blessing to my heart, Rebecca! You always put a smile on my face… Zuri and I look forward to seeing you weekly! I am so looking forward to YOGA! I enjoy our class so much – I think I look forward to it just as much as Zuri does! Thanks for reminding me to breathe. Sometimes we run around so much, we forget 😉 ”
~Dorothy Jones-Davis, mother of 12-month old Zuri from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“You’re so sweet! Thank you for a wonderful summer and for teaching both Amelia and I with joy, patience, and grace. We’ll miss you, however we will always remember you with fondness as our first Mommy-Baby class 🙂 ”
~Liza Silverio Victa, mother of 11-month old Amelia from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

“Your class is wonderful! So great for both of us!”
~Amy Lauren Jacobson Chung, mother of 9-month old Stella from ‘Yoga with Your Baby’

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