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Profound & transformational energy healing, yoga & verbal processing sessions – in-person, long-distance & online trainings, workshops & retreats.


NEW 20 & 40 minute healing sessions available! Great for the busy person’s weekly tune-ups, for kids or for anyone wanting to try it!

20-min $40, or 4 for $140*
40-min $80, or 4 for $280*
60-min $120, or 4 for $420*
*4-treatment packs to be received within 60-days

Founder of Human Energy Station, Rebecca Heartfly, offers in-person treatments, classes & workshops, remote & long-distance healing and online energy tips & inspiration.

Human Energy Station was founded in May, 2017 with desire to educate Humans on the true benefits of Energy Work / Energy Healing and the importance of choosing it to be a normal & regular implementation of their self-care.

Healing sessions, yoga classes & workshops are primarily offered  in Encinitas, CA, however sessions & classes are also held throughout San Diego County, Orange County & Los AngelsPhone or remote sessions can be done worldwide. Sessions in private home or office are available with applicable travel fees.

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Ignite Within! ~ lighten up, lift up

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Breathe. Smile. Be kind & genuine. Those are just a few of my daily mantras. I am a lifelong student of life; ever-searching to deepen my purpose in this one. I embrace it. And I encourage all to. Connecting with others. Exploring nature. Unfolding secrets of how it is all connected. Reaching inside. Deepening that connection. The more we laugh, the better it is. So we can lighten up. Lighten up our spirits. As well as our footprint. Lift up. Keep our heads up high. Lift up our faith. It doesn’t matter how we get to it. But have faith! Rise to fulfill this life. With Truth, Compassion, Patience, Grace & …Humor!!!”

Explore personal & family wellness programs to guide you to wholeness with
Rebecca Heartfly ☼•*•.¸¸☆•*´¨`*•.¸¸­.


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Profound & transformational hands-on healing, verbal processing in-person or remote sessions, trainings, workshops & retreats.